About this project


This project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The main aim is to create a unique online platform, which would contribute to the formation of the cross-border sphere of public debate in the V4 countries, strengthening the position of the region in the wider European settings and boosting the regional identity within the region and towards the EU. At the same time it is promoting the positions of the policy actors from the region.  

In one year, this portal will provide in-depth insight into 20 selected topics, which relate to the political developments on the EU level, or priorities of the region’s countries (i.e. Western Balkan, Science and Research, Foreign Investment, etc.). The portal provides:

  • Articles with focus on regional and European perspective, with links to relevant documents, sources. They are published in 4 national languages and localized, with the title and abstract in English.
  • Fact-sheets providing overview of relevant issues, comparing the V4 countries in the EU context, with links to relevant documents, sources.
  • Updated statistics comparing V4 countries in the EU context.
  • Contacts of relevant institutions and organization in V4 and on EU level, including short description of relevant capacities.
  • Events in V4 and on EU level.
  • Experts´ opinions in forms of the interviews, video-interviews or videos from presentations on seminars, conferences etc.

This portal is interlinked with four regional EurActiv portals.