Slovaks and Czechs have a good knowledge of CAP

Majority of Europeans has a low knowledge of CAP, survey of European Commission finds. The highest percentage of corr...

Slovakia has to return tri million euro of CAP expenditure

Twenty Member States will have to return 346,5 million euro of CAP expenditure due to non-compliance with EU rules of...



Milk producers will get subsidies of 6 milion euro

Czech government approved new conditions for extraordinary support for milk producers that has been proposed by Jakub...

Only minority of Czechs care about information written on food labels

Food producers afraid that MEPs could agree on disclosure of too many information on the food packages. They can be a...

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Does the CAP fit?

The CAP isn’t going away anytime soon. Farmers command a strong power base and last year’s dairy crisis showed ho...


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Milk crisis revealed a need for quota system

Extraordinary meeting of Agricultural ministers is expected to talk about the situation in the milk sector. They will...

  • (Source: Glopolis)
  • (Author: Martin Kloubek, analytik potravinové a rozvojové politiky)





CAP: The Commission is getting the work started

A very dynamic approach was proved by the EU´s agriculture commissioner yesterday (20th July). "This is just the beg...

Hungarian success in the simplification of CAP

Although according to the Hungarian parties it is a remarkable step that the European Parliament approved the report...



EU commissioner Dacian Ciolos in Warsaw

Meeting between Dacian Ciolos and the Polish deputy prime minister Waldemar Pawlar and the agriculture minister Marek...

EU Summit: Cohesion Policy and CAP are elements of EU 2020 strategy

The Polish Agriculture minster Marek Sawicki pleased that the CAP has a similar priorities as the EU Cohesion policy.

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VOF: The issue of land should stay under member states' competency!

According to the communication of the National Forum of Rural Development, CAP reform should ensure member state sove...


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Poland and France together for CAP maintenance after 2013

Poland and France are in favour of a more transparent Commnon Agriculture Policy after 2013.