EU, Poland move to settle carbon quota row

Poland and the European Commission reached an agreement on carbon quotas yesterday (19 April), after Brussels accepte...

Czech energy giant slowly turning green

The Czech Republic´s leading power company, ČEZ, has promised to turn to energy efficiency and environmentally-frie...



Bursík: China killed Copenhagen talks

According to Green MP Martin Bursík, China "killed" the Copenhagen negotiations. Especially NGOs who tend to critici...

Czech political parties support EU plans for cutting emissions

Czech main political parties consider the problem of climate change very seriously, their representatives say. EurAct...


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A need for "politically binding" deal in Copenhagen

Danish capital will host an important UN meeting on climate change (COP 15 UNFCCC). It is expected that the represent...






The industrial lobby hacked the Hungarian Climate Framework law

Second after the UK, Hungary could have accepted a Climate Protection Framework yesterday (22 February), but the gove...

Fifty-five nations join Copenhagen climate accord

Fifty-five countries accounting for almost 80% of world greenhouse gas emissions have pledged varying goals for fight...



Money from UE budget for tourism and public transport project in Pomorskie voivodeship

To higher touristic marketability and more ecological public transport marshal of Pomorskie voivodeship signed contra...

From September the solar instalations in Poland will be dotated

Poles will be able to apply for donations for the solar installations in order to save money and energy. It´s not on...

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Pay Eastern Europe to cut emissions and move to 30%

Europe can increase its emissions reduction target if it finds ways to redirect funding from Western to Eastern Euro...

  • (Author: David Buchan)

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Copenhagen: The end of the persuading policy

We have to say it: The climate summit failed because of the big expectations, particular interests and unlimited cyni...

  • (Source: DemosEuropa)
  • (Author: Paweł Świeboda i Agata Hinc)