Russia asked Poland to be the partner in nuclear power plant

Russia has asked Poland to participate in the construction of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), Polish Minister o...

Czech energy giant slowly turning green

The Czech Republic´s leading power company, ČEZ, has promised to turn to energy efficiency and environmentally-frie...



Some aspect of energy policy could be Schengen-like, expert say

Countries should choose an enhanced Schengen-like form of cooperation in some areas of common energy policy, experts...

Czech TSO to strengthen security

Czech and Slovak energy markets were interconnected as of 31 August 2009 easing life for energy traders. Apart from t...

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Gas Supply and EU–Russia Relations

“EU energy policy towards Russia damages security of supply because it neglects the specific aims and propensities...


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Energy in EU-Russia relations: Stagnation or a way to improvement?

Last year´s relations between the EU and the Russian Federation were (similarly to preceding years) marked by the om...






EU agency vote revives Slovakia-Hungary language row

A recent decision to host a new EU energy agency in Slovenia has revived tensions between Budapest and Bratislava, wh...

MEPs call for beefed-up energy security policy

MEPs yesterday (16 September) urged the European Commission to beef up the early-warning mechanisms that failed durin...



Robert Zajdler: "Poland needs more transborder energy ties"

In terms of energy infrastructure Poland faces a lot of risks and dangers.

Energetical policy - security and solidarity

There will be a play in order to establish the energetical policy in Europe. Poland must be an actor in this play, co...

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Constellation Energy: Hungary is defenceless

"Hungary makes no substantive steps related to energy policy," claims Constellation Energy Institute (CEI). Director,...


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Forum of Countries Exporting Gas

Coordination of gas producers can lead in the future to an informal division of markets. EU can act against it buildi...