Slovakia examines what to do with Belarus

Slovakia chooses the way of simultaneous support of democratization and fostering socio-economic ties, as was proved...

"Holodomor" Memorial to be introduced in Poland

In times of warming Russia-Poland relations, Ukrainian President Yuschenko comes to Warszawa in order to introduce Th...



Twenty die in Caucasus suicide bombing

At least twenty people died and 138 were wounded in yesterday's suicide bombing in Nazran, Ingushetiya. Suicide a...

Ukraine reach deal on gas reform, aid

European Commission announced the deal that will help Ukraine pay for supplies of natural gas. The deal is seen as a...

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Russia-Ukraine: War is "the only option"

A war between Russia and Ukraine “could happen in the very near future, and certainly no later than 2017, when the...






More effective foreign policy is necessary

On Thursday (11 March) the members of the conference in the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs were talking...

Long term Schengen visa

After 5 April 2010 the owner of the long-term (more than three months) Schengen visa can travel freely within the ter...



Commissioner Piebalgs in Warsaw: Development Assistance is not charity

Despite the economic crises, the EU remains the the biggest donor of development aid in the world. Poland wishes to j...

European Neighbourhood Policy celebrates 5th anniversary

The cooperation between the EU and its neighboring countries is generally considered to be a success.

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The Eastern Partnership in the context of the ENP and V4 agenda

Czech, Polish and Hungarian professionals argue that 2011 will be a crucial year for the Eastern Partnership. Their v...


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EU-Ukraine - time for a reset?

Ukraine get deeper and deeper into a political and economical chaos. Its relationship with the EU characterize a reci...