Poland pushes for solidarity in EU budget review

On his first visit to Brussels, Polish President Bronisław Komorowski stressed his continued backing for European as...

EU: Bank levy could raise up to 50 billion a year

The European Union may pioneer an extra tax on banks that could raise up to 50 billion euros annually, according to a...



EurActiv launches the series of pre-election interviews

In the series of pre-election interviews, EurActiv asked EU experts of the main political parties on what are their p...

Green agriculture needs more money in the next EU budget, experts say

Authors of the report commissioned by the EU executive said that if agricultural sector is to provide "green" public...

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EU Budget Review

"Crisis and its consequences will be catalysts of reforms and changes, including complex EU Budget Review,” the set...


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Reform of EU budget and a new financial framework after 2013

European Union is facing new challenges such as globalization, climate change, energy security, demographic changes,...






EU budget: no debate, no strategy

While EU institutions are leading a great debate about next year’s European budget, there is not much news about th...

Budget 2011: More job to do, with the same money

The Lisbon Treaty gives more task to the EU, however, it´s budget is the same - at least until the end of this 7 yea...



Discussion of presidential candidates about foreign policy

Marek Jurek, one of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election said, that the EU should think of an "solida...

Three EU members against economic governance to be exclusively the matter of Eurozone

Poland is among those three EU countries that are against creating an "elite" of Eurozone" within the EU.

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Analyst: Fidesz EU-budget, active socialists

"László Surján, rapporteur of the EU-budget received the most spotlight among Hungarian MEPs in October. In betwee...


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Let´s not forget Europe in the upcoming presidential election

What the high support for the Polish EU membership means for the candidates? And how it can influence the region?