Netherlands lifts veto on Serbia

After 18 months Netherlands agreed to unblock trade agreement between Serbia and EU. The impulse came after main pros...

Kosovo regional elections relatively quiet

PM´s party PDK won the most votes in the first regional elections in Kosovo. International observers say that the vo...



"Let´s meet in Brussels" Macedonia told Greece

Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski offered Greek government a joint meeting where possible solutions of the na...

Macedonia would like to enter the EU during the mandate of Štefan Füle

Nikola Gruevski, Macedonia´s prime minister met Czech PM Jan Fischer in Prague. He told his Czech counterpart that h...

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What would be the contribution of Western Balkan countries to the EU?

Analysis investigates how could the Western Balkan countries (especially Serbia) contribute to increased competitiven...

  • (Source: SFPA)
  • (Author: Peter Brezáni, Marko Nikolić, Tomáš Strážay)

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Turkey and its accession from the security perspective

A question of whether Turkey will become an EU member in the future is a question that is stirring up discussion. The...






Rada: Serbia is as important as Kosovo

Hungary seemed to be risking good relations with Serbia by acknowledging the independence of Kosovo. According to the...

Bildt struggles to secure peace in Bosnia - again

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who helped secure peace in Bosnia with the 1995 Dayton agreement, is holding tal...



Buzek on sixth anniversary of the EU enlargement

First of May is the historic day for all EU Member States, said the EP president Jerzy Buzek. The Polish ex PM said t...

Serbia submited formal EU membership application

Serbia submited formal EU membership application on Tuesday, 22nd of December 2009.

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Iceland: questions of joining the EU

"Iceland´s politicians need to conduct an open and transparent debate with the public and with the interest groups c...


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New German government: tendencies in the German foreign policy

A deepening of the German-Polish relations is expected after the creation of the new government in Berlin.