EU governments seek to offload flu vaccines

Governments in Western Europe are selling off surplus stocks of H1N1 flu vaccine and cancelling orders for additional...

Long way to go for EU common health care system

On the 27th of November the second regional debate in the framework of the European Citizens Consultations (ECC) was...



Will EU share AH1N1 vaccines with us?

EU ministers for health will discuss mutual cooperation as regards innoculation against AH1N1, including vaccine shar...

First vaccines should go to chronically ill, pregnant women and medical personnel

EU Health Security Committee issued a statement identifying groups of people that should be prioritised in vaccinatio...

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Health policy: Challenges and Perspectives in Europe

Miroslav Mikolašik, MEP and doctor, elaborates on current health policy challenges in Europe.


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Flu for sale

Chief public health officer has a swine flu and minister for health will negotiate with British Pharmaceutical compan...

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EU takes stock of H1N1 vaccice

The European Commission will soon take stock of the H1N1 vaccines available in the member states to see how much of t...

EU does not affect our health

A report by the European Court of Auditors claims, no evidence has been found that European health programs would hav...



The most modern hospital waste incinerator started in Poland

The Gorzow hospital started the most modern hospital waste incinerator in Poland. Modernization costs amount to 6 mld...

EU Healthy Eating Campaign

The youngest Europeans can show their knowledge on a sustainable diet and a healthy way of life. The deadline is 31 o...

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Who does decide about health care policy? – interests enforcing in the EU

Health Care policy is the field, where Member States have relatively huge autonomy in the EU. Within the Treaty of Am...


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Polish health policy and new deseases

A relevant progress in combating diseases has been noticed recently. Traditional methods, like quarantine, have disap...