Researches´ Night 2010: Art and photo competition

On the occasion of science-popularization event "Researchers´Night" to be held in Bratislava, the organizers have an...

Operational Programme Information Society: Calls for proposals worthy of half of billion euros

Representatives of Slovak government met today with journalist in order to keep them informed about the progress unde...



EU patent will not solve everything

According to experts, EU companies could wait as long as another 10 years to get EU patent legislation approved by th...

EIT launches first "Knowledge and Innovation Communities"

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) presented 3 "Knowledge and Innovation Communities". The fir...

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European funds can be an impuls or a threath to the Slovak science

The public financing of research and development is hardly a tool that can guarantee success to Slovak researches on...


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Intellectual property protection in the EU

Directives that aim to harmonize national laws on intellectual property do not bring a coveted results as national le...






Hungary among firsts to launch Youth on the Move, EU 2020 flagship initiative

The Europe 2020 strategy proposes seven flagship initiatives to boost growth and employment. They include "Youth on t...

Hungary faces uphill battle to reach EU´s 3% R&D target

Hungary´s expenditure on investing in research and development (R&D) barely amounts to 1% of GDP today. While Brusse...



The application procedure for innovations grants should be easier

The best and most innovative researcher and scientists should be promoted.

New "Technopolis" in Wroclaw

Two new buildings of the Technical University in Wroclaw will form "Technopolis". The project is worth 80 million zlo...

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Innovation of the Hungarian enterprises

„Neither the best research results could see as innovation, until someone adopts it.” – said Némethné Pál Ka...


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Technology of the CCS carbon capture

Can the Carbon Capture and Storage – CCS - technology become a remedy for the energy supply problem? Is it enough i...