Commission rejects "renovated Roma ghettos"

The second European Roma summit starts is launched today in Córdoba, Spain. European Commission called on the member...

Extremists of (nearly) all countries unite!

Another attempt to establish a pan-European extreme-right party was made in Budapest last weekend (24-25 October) by...



Roma groups cautiously welcome new EU social plan

Roma community and human right groups cautiously welcomed a new plan launched by the European Commission this week. I...

Roma discrimination in the CR is getting worse, says UN report. Czech governement disagrees

High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay on 4 March presented her annual report to the Human Rights Counc...

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Brusel should not have the main responsibility for Roma integration in Slovakia

The position of Roma minority in Slovakia had a big influence on its accession process to the EU and European Commiss...


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Good News

It is finally out: Michael Kocáb, minister for human rights, presented the government plan for Roma integration 2013...

  • (Source: Respekt)
  • (Author: Jan Brabec)





Roma: Reding investigates, Romania cooperates with France

The European Commission is analyzing the french situation, after the country has started expelling people of mostly R...

The US supports European Roma policy

Supporting the integration of Roma is high on the foreign policy agenda of the Obama cabinet, US Secretary of State,...



Polish Roma in Visegrad`s working group

Karol Gierliński i Stanisław Stankiewicz represent polish Roma in Visegrad`s working group

Hungary says Slovak law breaches EU norms

Hungary's prime minister said on Wednesday that Slovak legislation punishing the use of minority languages is una...

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"We are gypsies and that is why they don’t listen to us"

According to the recent publication of Amnesty International in Romania 75 per cent of the Roma living in poverty. Mo...


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Polish Jews should "come out"

Shavei Israel organization appealed to Polish citizens with Jewish roots for coming out. Rabbis are of the opinion, t...