Also Slovakia asks EU to change debt calculation

Nine member states asked European Commission to change debt calculation. Common letter was signed also by Slovak mini...

Slovakia will not help Greeks

Slovak parliament voted against bilateral loan for in-debted Greece. Slovakia broke the principle of solidarity, Euro...



Commission gives Estonia euro green light for 2011

European Commission recommended Estonia to enter Eurozone as of 1 January 2011. Despite the majority of all other Eur...

Central bankers: Euro does not solve everything but helps in crisis

Central bankers from Slovakia and Austria think that small pro-export economies should adopt euro but on the other ha...

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The impact of Greek crisis on euro and the eurozone

"Even though it is a common statement that Greeks are primary responsible for their problems due to irresponsible man...


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Comparison of V4 currencies during the economic crisis

Time pattern of exchange rates is both hard predict and explain as there are many factors that influence them. In spi...






Rehn takes Eastern appeal seriously, but Council decides

The European Commission takes the request of the nine mostly Eastern European member states seriously, Olli Rehn comm...

Parliament gives Estonia euro green ligh

According to the Convergence Report 2010 Estonia is the only one who fulfilled the criterias which are required for t...



Poland lobbbied Greece to be the only topic of Eurogroup summit

Polish diplomats lobbied for "Greece" as the only subject during the Euro-summit. Herman Van Rompuy approved it. Pola...

Polish deficit over twice higher than Maastricht criteria

Because of the financial crisis the Polish budgetary deficit was 7,1 per cent of the GDP.

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Euro is possible by 2014 in Hungary?

According to GKI Economc Research company along with Erste Bank forecast, Hungary can adopt the euro in 2014.


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Greece and EU 2020 - the exam of maturity of the EU

The European Council will have to insure the EU credibility concerning the future of the common currency, euro.

  • (Source: DemosEuropa)
  • (Author: Paweł Świeboda, Paweł Zerka)