Nord Stream "a waste of money" says Poland

The Nord Stream pipeline project is "a waste of European consumers' money," Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sik...

Russians proposed "common security"

Russia published on 29 November its proposal for a new Euro-Atlantic security treaty that would restrict its ability...



Moscow praises EU mission in Georgia

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov praised the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia as the „most serious stabilisin...

Tensions rise between Russia and Georgia ahead of war anniversary

Tensions are on a rise between Russia and Georgia almost year after the conflict. During weekend, Georgian authoritie...

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To-do list for Catherine Ashton: EU-Russia relations

"It seems that the strategic interests of most EU countries versus Russia are actually similar," write Adam Balcer, A...

  • (Source: Demos EUROPA)
  • (Author: Adam Balcer, Adam Jasser, Paweł Świeboda)

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Energy in EU-Russia relations: Stagnation or a way to improvement?

Last year´s relations between the EU and the Russian Federation were (similarly to preceding years) marked by the om...






Brussels awards, Moscow arrests 82 years old activist

Hungarian MEP receives negotiating mandate

There was a bit confusion in the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parlament yesterday (3rd December), whe...



Piechociński: Polish EU presidency importance sink in Poles consciousness too slowly

Polish Presidency comes closer and closer (second half of 2011) and there is still no debate on important issues, lik...

By bicycle along the „iron courtain”

The project "Iron Courtain Route" engages 20 countries, inclusive 14 EU-members. Poland is one of them. The route has...

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Expert: No changes in German-Russian relations due to elections

"Irrespective of the German election result, the “special relationship” between Germany and Russia will continue...


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Russian historical campaign

Few months before the 70th anniversary of the start of the WW2, a series of articles in print and electronic media wa...